To All My HR Friends Out There- NOW is YOUR Time to Shine

Covid-19 has overturned the business world. No one was prepared for this and business leaders are making decisions without a lot of information, with a ton of unknowns and doing so very quickly. The workforce swiftly went remote with little to no training or support on how to work remote.

Human Resources- it’s time to take that crown that has been hiding under your desk, dust it off and place it directly on your brilliant head.

It’s time to LEAD your organization…not only in navigating the pandemic, but in developing your employees for the future.

As a traditionally undervalued function, now is your time to show the business exactly how you can be an integral part in getting through this pandemic and beyond. The opportunities are endless to make an enormous impact on this transition of workforce.

I always say, there are about 30 jobs within HR. All of them are important pieces to keeping an organization running effectively. Here are a few that are critical while we navigate through these unchartered waters:

Find new innovative ways to engage.

  • Your organization is now dispersed, working in unfamiliar scenarios. Some will love it, some will struggle. Find ways to engage to make sure the team feels a sense of collaboration and teamwork. Arm your leadership with tools on how to manage remotely.

Implement Virtual On-Boarding

  • There are still critical roles to be filled and how you lead the organization to ensure that still happens, will be key.
  • Revolutionize this process so it can happen virtually. You will be the hero if you can successfully implement virtual on-boarding.

Change Management

  • Your organization is craving structure around the change happening.
  • You are hearing these 2 words more than ever and now is the time to strategize and execute. The operational plan has shifted and you have an opportunity to be the change management force to re-align and deploy strategies.

Employment branding

  • How your organization is responding to this crisis will have an incredible ripple effect with your employment brand.
  • Communicate just not internally, but also externally to show how your company is reacting.
  • If you are hiring, shout it from the rooftops. If you are in a position where you need to lay-off, do so with as much grace as possible. Check in regularly with those impacted.
  • When candidates are interviewing with your company in 6 months and they ask you how you handled Covid-19, make sure you can answer with pride. (and if you aren’t handling it well, you can be sure it’ll be documented on Glassdoor)

Pipelining Talent

  • We are really good at quickly forgetting on going challenges when trumped by a gigantic challenge.
  • Remember how difficult it has been for the last several years to find and hire top talent? It has literally been the number pain point in businesses across the country. Now is the time to invest in pipelining talent. Don’t forget this during a short-term crisis.

Continue to Provide General HR Guidance

  • YOU are the expert. Your people need you now more than ever.

This is a great opportunity for HR to truly be the Knight in Shining Armor. It really is.

One of the biggest challenges we are all facing is the unknown. It is the role of HR to create some sense of calm and confidence so people can be productive and achieve their highest potential in a temporary, but new business climate. How you lead your organization will have lasting impact.

You got this!

Written by: Allie Milbrath, CEO
Bottom Line Growth Recruitment