Three Outdated Recruitment Approaches

Top 3 Outdated Approaches That are Preventing You from Getting the Best Leaders for Your Organization:

1. Posting your job as the main strategy for sourcing talent

I very rarely post opportunities I am working on. Why? A-players, meaning people who are performing at the height of their game, are not perusing job boards in their free time. You do not get to the market you are targeting..plain and simple.

It’s also a huge time waster because you have to sift through 100’s of resumes only to find very few are remotely qualified to have a conversation with.

2. You rely on your internal recruitment team to recruit

Now let me set one thing straight- this is NOT a knock on corporate recruiters/HR team. If anything it’s a message to Leadership that your organization should not feel like your internal team is failing if they engage with a 3rd party recruitment partner. I’m going to repeat that… your internal team is NOT failing if they engage with a 3rd party recruitment partner. Why? Internal recruitment/hr teams are often tagged with an abundance of open roles and other responsibilities.

To effectively go to market and identify and qualify top talent, you need dedicated resources that are laser focused on the search. It’s far too easy for the internal team to get pulled away from their efforts and likely they are stretched with other responsibilities

Most importantly, 3rd party recruitment partners come with other incentives:

  • They work as a brand ambassador for you.
  • They are marketing the role in a different way, with a different angle that can get the attention of the passive market.
  • They can recruit competitor talent. It is not a good look for your team to directly recruit competitor talent. Leave that to a recruitment partner.
  • An outside recruiter also has a different relationship with the candidate. Candidates are more open with third party recruiters than they are with your internal team. We find out things in the process and they share more with us which helps us continue to determine if they are the right fit.

3. Your job description-it is likely that it’s not doing your any favors

Most job descriptions are super bland, boring and a combination of words that don’t make a lot of sense. The job description needs to be your marketing piece- for your organization and for the open opportunity. The passive market needs to be compelled by what they read…not bored by it. If it is a typical, outdated job description, it won’t get a second look by the type of candidate you need in your organization.

If your organization is guilty of any or all of these outdated approaches, it’s time to rethink your recruitment strategy.

Written by: Allie Milbrath, CEO
Bottom Line Growth Recruitment