The NFL Draft and Recruitment

I love the NFL Draft!

Draft Day is amazing! The preparation. The research. The excitement around who your team will select. Seeing how excited the selected person is. The organization immediately starts planning the strategy with this new addition to the team. It just doesn’t get much better (besides actual playing of course)!

You get the same feeling when you think about recruitment, right? Wait..what…you don’t?! (GASP!) Recruitment should feel like Draft Day EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

Sure, it’s not always ideal circumstances when you need to recruit. You cannot dwell on it and let it dampen your enthusiasm to bring in a game changer! Brett Favre left the Packers and look how that worked out for them (although my Dad never fully recovered).

The anticipation of bringing new talent to your team should be exciting. There are so many possibilities of how a new team member can impact the organization. When you infuse the right talent, revenue grows.

If you don’t feel this excitement, it’s likely you don’t have the right recruitment strategy and/or recruitment partner.

If you need to freshen up your recruitment/draft strategy, shoot me a message and we can schedule a call to discuss.

Written by: Allie Milbrath, CEO
Bottom Line Growth Recruitment