Survey Results: Solutions to the Talent Shortage

Solutions to the Talent Shortage

As part of an on-going series, we are looking at ways to overcome hiring challenges. Bottom Line Growth Recruitment recently conducted a survey to an often overlooked talent pool; Former working women professionals who made the decision to leave the workforce to raise a young family. These are women who in their “former life,” held titles such as Director of Marketing, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Accounting Manager, Director of HR and the list goes on. Many of these women are at a point where children are of school age and are asking themselves, “Now what?”

It is an intimidating notion women to think about re-entering the workforce. Not because they lack the ability, but because of how they are perceived by hiring teams. Our goal is to educate hiring teams on how to implement these capable women into your workforce.

There is a need to fill the talent gap. This will continue to be a challenge as many ponder retirement. There is a great opportunity to look at this population as real contenders for careers in the workforce. It’s true that many will need flexibility. To be fair, most organizations need to offer flexibility to all demographics to be competitive. We need to look at job openings with a different lens and ask ourselves if a part-time professional can make an impact. You say you need full-time, but we challenge you to look at the proven statistics of part-time employees and how effective they are. These women are often high achievers that can make a big impact and a great ROI in your organization.

Take a look at the infographic illustrating the results of our survey. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you to implement this strategy into your organization.

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