Full Cycle Recruitment

  • Thorough discovery phase to determine what the business needs with a strategy on how to go to market.
  • Dedicated research.
  • Passive market interest generation.
  • Highly selective qualifying of candidates.
  • Offer negotiation/closing.
  • Complete focus throughout the entire process to ensure we are doing the right thing every step of the way.

Contract / Interim Recruitment

  • If your in-house talent acquisition team is over capacity, we can supplement and take work load to help support your team. We can seamlessly transition into your team and quickly ramp up to help produce results.
  • Medical Leave coverage.
  • Pipeline Recruitment- Whether this is for high volume recruitment, creating a bench or finding future talent for your company or portfolio companies, we can canvas the market and build a pipeline for immediate or future use.


  • Before a search think tank- It can be overwhelming to think about steps that need to be taken to launch a search. A process is often not in place and who has ownership can be confusing. BLG Recruitment partners with you to overcome these obstacles. We will also challenge you on the scope of the role and candidate profile. We help you shape what you need to truly impact your business.
  • Recruitment Process Implementation- from job description to on-boarding and everything in between. We can help you build from scratch or sharpen your current process.
  • Interview coaching.
  • Employment branding.